The Seal That Makes Gamma Seal Lids So Awesome

 When you open and close a regular snap-on lid, how do you do it? You pry it, right? Now what do you think happens to the little gasket inside that lid when you force it off and on your pail? Over time, the lid becomes warped from the repeated prying, and the gasket no longer fits snugly inside, and the lid is no longer air tight.

Gamma Seal Lid And Snap On Comparison


As long as you close it properly, this would never happen with a Gamma Seal Lid. The Gamma Seal’s gasket is affixed to the outer rim of the lid, and it naturally fits snugly up next to the side of the pail. Because you never need to pry the Gamma Seal Lid, it always keeps its shape and does not become warped, so it will keep its secure air tight seal for many, many years of continual use.



Are Gamma Seal Lids Water Tight?

Yes, to a point. They’ll keep out splashes and even spills, but leave your pail of grain out in the weather unsheltered and you’ll likely end up with soggy grain. It’s best to keep your pails of grain in a dry location, even with the Gamma Seal Lid.



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